• Grooming
  • CV writing
  • Interview etiquettes
  • how to Handle one self in the interview
  • Research
  • Dos and Don’ts of a Script
  • Elements of a good Script
  • How to write an effective Script
  • Styles & Techniques of a Script
  • Scripts for Joint Radio show
  • Scripts for Film based show
  • Scripts for Issue-based show
  • Scripts for Commercials and others
  • Public Speaking
  • Présentation Skills
  • Prononciation and Diction
  • Grammar and Narration
  • Intonation and Articulation
  • Variation and Improvisation
  • The Responsibilities and Job Aspects of a LIVE Professional
  • How the Ear Works
  • Ear training
  • Frequency Awareness
  • Stage Set-up and Stage Management
  • Time Management and People Skills
  • Dress Code for Men and Women
  • Make-Up Tips and Techniques
  • An Overview of Professional Anchoring
  • Skills In the use of Language
  • Feelings for the Words
  • The Techniques of Non-verbal Communication
  • Expressive Use of Body Postures and facial expressions
  • Expressive Use of Facial Expressions
  • Expressive Use of Movement
  • Sense of Pace, Timing and Style
  • Positive Presentation Skills
  • Talking to Public
  • Talking to Camera
  • How to Bring Natural Energy and Expression to any read
  • How NOT to Sound like an Announcer
  • Exercise for Relaxation
  • Make up and dressing up for the show
  • Voice Control
  • Voice Exercices
  • Breath Control
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Skills In the use of Language
  • Feelings for the Words
  • Word Stress and Projection
  • Throw, Clarity and Speed
  • Techniques for Emphasis and Expression
  • Techniques for Energy and Language
  • Techniques for Fluency, Pitch and Tone